New Game, Old Game

I got some video of the game described last post. Tom liked this game a lot, but no more! We took down his cube condo this weekend and replaced it with a dog crate, and there’s no more corridor between the bars and wall. I’ve stuffed the paper under the cupboard beside his cage for now, but that’s going too (we’re fixing up the living room). My mind is churning about a suitable replacement…


We Discovered a New Game

I stuff a bunch of crumpled up pages from the Yellow Pages behind his cage, and he digs them out. Fun for everyone. I’d like to try the old small-box-inside-big-box trick, but with the small box stuffed with crumpled up yellow pages, see how he likes that. I even saw him binky behind his cage yesterday — it’s a pretty narrow space, so it was a binky limited to the vertical axis, but he managed it somehow! Oh, buns.