We’ve adopted Chance…

black and white rabbit facing camera, words read Alors, suis-je a vous maintenant? Mais oui, Lapin!

And re-named him Thomas =:)

black and white rabbit yawning, mouth wide open, words read Y mi nombre? Hola Tomas!


A Rose by Any Other Name…

I admit I’m not a fan of Chance’s name. He’s just a foster, so Chance he is — I can’t change it. But sometimes we think about what we’d call him, if. We’re not in a position to adopt right now, and won’t be until I’m done school, and we’d still be happy to see him go to a good home (especially if they have another bunny they want to bond him with), but sometimes we think about it.

And we’ve really struggled! We brainstorm, but nothing sticks.

A friendly neighbourhood drunk for awhile was calling him Gus. “How’s… Gus? Does he run around the room?” we often heard. We corrected him but, clearly, he wasn’t fond of “Chance,” either. So one day it struck me: “my God, his name is Gus!” I know of at least two other rabbit Gus’ so I can’t say it’s unique, but there’s a certain poetic justice to it. And it lends itself well to variation: Gustav, Augustus, Angus.

(Side note: I just looked at a baby names site to find other variations — I didn’t find any — but in the comments to the entry for Gus, one person explained why they named their child — wait for it — Chance. I don’t know why they were commenting on Gus, it seems totally random, and they talked about their other kids’ names, too, but the first one mentioned was Chance. Isn’t that an odd coincidence?)

Anyway, yesterday coming home we exchanged a few words from our respective porches with the gentleman mentioned earlier, and he asked about the bun again, but now it seems he’s forgotten all about “Gus.” He asks us “How’s… Frankfort?” Well, although he can’t possibly know it, Frank was the name of my last rabbit who died last summer.