Meet the New Bunny


Bonding Note

Rabbit Rescue’s system is: one month living in separate rooms, and then a move into the same room (different cages), and the dating begins!

I’ve read lots of other systems. Like, speed dating before you bring the second bunny home. And first dates immediately, but up on a table. Car trips together (shared trauma).

This is my first time! It’s all news.

Rabbit Bonding Progress Report

We finished the new cage!

Three photos of a large dog crate tricked out with a jumping shelf, litter box, grass mats, cardboard mats, water bottle, water bowl, and hay bowl

We submitted our application!

Rabbit Rescue responded with five suggestions based on Thomas’ personality, and how we want another small bun. We read their profiles, narrowed it down to three, and asked about their approximate locations. We narrowed it down to one! — she also happens to be their top choice, and their Feature Rabbit. She is a blue-eyed white named Serena.

We’ve just been put in touch with her fosterer. I can’t wait to meet her!


I’m so excited about this !! We’ve begun concrete plans to bond Thomas with a mate.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I wanted to foster a bonded pair to begin with. Of course, I don’t regret Tom! but I’d love to see him with a bunny friend. He seems the type for it. He’s so affectionate, but fearful. I hope another rabbit could help ease his insecurity. (I know, it could also add to his stress, if they don’t get along. I hope not!)

I contacted Rabbit Rescue last week and we’ve started the conversation. At home, we’ve started setting up the secondary rabbitat in our bedroom. We already renoed the room — de-cluttered some, played with layout. Now we have to replace our clothing racks (we already have some picked out at Walmart), and finish bunny-proofing (the only thing I’m not sure about is the exposed sections of wall where there’s a telephone cord; otherwise, we’ll be making ample use of wire grid squares attached to furniture legs).

We have to set up the cage too, and a few play areas around the room. We have the cage — another dog crate, but smaller (2′ 2″ high, 3′ wide, and 2′ deep) — but not much else. The plan is to put in a shelf, like we’ve done in Thomas’ cage. (And later, when the rabbits are fully bonded, we’ll attach the two crates with wire grid squares to make a double-wide!) I don’t really have any firm ideas about enrichment (play areas, structures, etc). New litter box, new dishes… a couple more willow bowls, maybe some grass mats… It has begun!

The only other thing is our savings (for vet emergencies). We set a goal — we’re almost there!

I’m so eager to hear Rabbit Rescue’s suggestions for a mate for Thomas! Who will it be?