A Happy Rabbit

Thomas jumped off the sofa and looked toward the sideboard. We usually put down a towel for him under there, some hay etc. It wasn’t there because I’d recently cleaned the room. I got up to get the towel — he followed my movements with his eyes, and when I approached with towel in hand he danced. So cute! I love these moments of sympathetic communication. Now he’s under there, attacking his hay. Good bun.


Happy Rabbits

This is something I’ve noticed with Tom and Frank: Rabbits grind their teeth in pleasure (a.k.a. purr) at two speeds. The slow speed is about 208 beats per minute (check this online metronome!), and comes most often in groupings of three, but also sometimes in twos or fours or, less commonly, singles or quads. The fast speed is, as you might expect, faster — too fast to count, and it generally lasts around two to four seconds at a time.