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I started this blog on tumblr.com in Aug 2011, when I started thinking about fostering a rabbit through my local rabbit rescue organization (Rabbit Rescue Inc). In March 2012, Chance arrived; and in October, we adopted him (and re-named him Thomas).

This is my second rabbit blog, and my second rabbit; my first blog (FrankBlog, 2008-2011) was for my first rabbit, Frank, who passed away in May 2011 at the fine old age of 12 or so.

I started rabbit blogging for the sake of posterity, because when I was starting out with Frank, other people’s rabbit blogs were a huge source of education and inspiration for me. Of course, I also did it for myself.

I decided early on to separate my personal blog from my rabbit blog, and for three years I maintained at least two blogs at a time, but now this distinction has come to seem artificial, meaningless, and frankly a bother. So, with the migration of A Rabbit Blog from tumblr to wordpress.com, I have also chosen to merge my personal blogs into this one.

If you are only interested in a blogger’s rabbit entries, and forget that other noise, then you can follow the RSS of my Bunny Rabbits category. See, everyone’s satisfied!

22 Jan 2013; last updated 30 Nov 2013