I’m so excited about this !! We’ve begun concrete plans to bond Thomas with a mate.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I wanted to foster a bonded pair to begin with. Of course, I don’t regret Tom! but I’d love to see him with a bunny friend. He seems the type for it. He’s so affectionate, but fearful. I hope another rabbit could help ease his insecurity. (I know, it could also add to his stress, if they don’t get along. I hope not!)

I contacted Rabbit Rescue last week and we’ve started the conversation. At home, we’ve started setting up the secondary rabbitat in our bedroom. We already renoed the room — de-cluttered some, played with layout. Now we have to replace our clothing racks (we already have some picked out at Walmart), and finish bunny-proofing (the only thing I’m not sure about is the exposed sections of wall where there’s a telephone cord; otherwise, we’ll be making ample use of wire grid squares attached to furniture legs).

We have to set up the cage too, and a few play areas around the room. We have the cage — another dog crate, but smaller (2′ 2″ high, 3′ wide, and 2′ deep) — but not much else. The plan is to put in a shelf, like we’ve done in Thomas’ cage. (And later, when the rabbits are fully bonded, we’ll attach the two crates with wire grid squares to make a double-wide!) I don’t really have any firm ideas about enrichment (play areas, structures, etc). New litter box, new dishes… a couple more willow bowls, maybe some grass mats… It has begun!

The only other thing is our savings (for vet emergencies). We set a goal — we’re almost there!

I’m so eager to hear Rabbit Rescue’s suggestions for a mate for Thomas! Who will it be?



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