So it’s a Cyst

Today I brought Chance to the vet’s. This was my first time with this vet, and I’m pleased to say that everything went smoothly — even the streetcars at rush hour. After a physical exam, the vet drew some fluid from the lump, which told him it was a cyst. He advised that we give it two weeks. If it’s still there in two weeks, he’ll cut it out. If it’s gone, good! If it grows bigger in the meantime, out it comes. My preferred outcome is obvious but, either way, this is not the worst diagnosis. And Chance comported himself very well at the vet’s. While travelling (and while seated), I kept a hand in the carrier, and it seemed to calm him (as it did with my last rabbit). On the way home, he even laid down for most of the trip while I petted him. This evening he’s been a little reclusive, though, poor fella.



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