Second Rabbit, Second Lump

Much time has passed, and there’s so much I’ve wanted to write about, but I’m back in school and busy-busy-busy. They say that “no news is good news,” and sadly they’re right in this case, because I’m writing to say that I found a lump on Chance’s belly last night.

I can’t imagine it’s been there long: I pet him closely every day, and would have noticed it. We weighed him just last week, which means picking him up and, therefore, touching his belly. We gave him a thorough physical three weeks ago and, in retrospect, I may have possibly felt something then but, if so, it was tiny.

Now it’s rather large, though slightly smaller than a walnut. It’s hard, round, and distinct. It seems to be under the skin, and it moves around when I touch it (not in a great way — always staying in the general vicinity, but I mean it’s not stuck fast to a certain spot). There’s no broken skin, no fur loss, no sensitivity (Chance isn’t keen on focused handling, but he doesn’t especially pull away when I touch the lump).

Cyst? Tumour? Abscess? He’s had no injuries or surgery in the area that I know of, and he’s such a young guy, I wasn’t expecting this.

Poor Chance. I emailed the folks at Rabbit Rescue immediately upon finding it, and they’ve arranged a vet appointment for tomorrow evening. Hopefully nothing happens between now and then — because, aside from the lump, you’d have no clue Chance was ill.

Fingers crossed for sebaceous cyst! I had heard these were rather uncommon in rabbits, but Rabbit Rescue tells me they’ve experienced them before.

(About the title of this post: I’m trying to stay calm through all this, but the déjà-vu is a little distressing, for the last time I was writing about finding lumps on rabbits, it was the beginning of the end for my beloved Frances. The similarities end there, but still, I can’t help but be reminded. Poor buns.)



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