Improvements (Condo Saga Part VI)

Last weekend we walked down to the Home Hardware in Parkdale where I got the carpet for the condo, and where I saw a wide variety of bins. I wanted a couple to store the litter and hay in because I’m tired of all the bags above the condo (so untidy looking and messy; and I think it might reduce allergens in the air, keeping all the hay locked up in one place). (The basket shown in the image below was already there; it holds some toys, towels, and the Furminator. There’s also some cleaning supplies hidden behind it.)

While I was there, I picked up some shears to cut zip ties with, because even our heavy-duty kitchen scissors don’t do the trick very well, and I felt it was time to work on the condo’s weak spot (as described in part five of the ongoing condo saga) — especially since I’d be adding a bit more weight to the top with the bins. After sitting with the problem for more than a month, I decided to start with the zip ties because it’s a relatively small and easy step — bigger improvements (like more crossbeams, or vertical supports, or a floor to attach the walls to) can come later, if necessary.

After examining the condo carefully, I tightened a few ties, added six to one side, and removed two from the inner doors. I removed them because I found that the horizontal tie connecting the door to its kitty-corner panel was causing all four panels to warp a little bit whenever I opened it.

drawing of rabbit condo, with signs indicating weak areas, including detail of door joint that illustrates zip tie placement, and text reads There were gaps along along here so I added six more zip ties, evenly spaced; and Then I fixed the doors by removing one tie from each

So far, my improvements have been successful. When you rattle the bars, there’s much less movement than before; and hardly any bowing when I open the big door. I guess we’ll see where we are in a few months, after the condo has seen more use!



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