The Here and There of Fostering

Last weekend, a potential adopter came by to see Chance. She were looking for a bunny to bond with her own. She had arranged to see Chance, and one of Chance’s brothers, Oreo. She ended up bringing home Oreo. Although I was sad not to see Chance go to a good home, I think she probably made the right decision. Chance is a little aggressive, and so is her bunny; Oreo, on the other hand, is apparently one laid-back bun. Sounds like a better fit.

Right now, Chance is napping on his blue blanket on the floor. He’s been up an down all morning. We’ve had some nice snuggles on the sofa, too. (I’m still home sick.)

It’s an odd thing, fostering… I know I would have missed him, if he’d gone, but knowing he’s been passed by also makes me melancholy.

He’s a good rabbit. He’s growing to trust me more and more. He’s bonding with me… a frightening prospect. I know I should pull back. But how can I?



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