Renovations (The Condo Saga Continues! Part V)

This is our current condo set up.

Graphic rendering of rabbit condo with trouble spot circled

I added the scratch mat because Chance was getting a little interested in scratching the carpet there. It’s an old Busy Bunny mat I had kicking around, and it does the trick: he’s chewed it, scratched at it, and mostly ignored the carpet below.

Similarly, I moved the blanket up top because he’d started scratching the linoleum there. He’s stopped now.

After much consideration, I finally decided the glass water bottle was defective. We’re using the new plastic one for now. Chance likes it, and he likes it on the top floor, too — drinks more than he used to. (I also think he’s eating more hay, which would naturally lead to more water, but I do think the placement is favourable to him, being near his upstairs hay pile and far from his other water source.)

So, the big pink circle? Yes, indeed: it’s trouble. The joint is weak. When I open the big door, it tends to bow outward. It’s a consequence, I think, of the big door itself — the spring clamps just don’t hold like zip-ties, and the weakness there spreads into the rest of the structure. (The door opens on the near side to the trouble spot, so no zip-ties anywhere along that corner.)

I think the zip-ties could use improvement, though, in terms of tightening and, in a few cases, placement, so I’m going to fix that up and hopefully that’ll improve the integrity of the structure. But I’m also wondering about using more dowels and/or grid squares to pump things up a bit, somehow. Thinking, thinking.



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