Spotted: Tree Swallows & Cowbirds

As I approached the field of nest boxes on my way to the lake this noon, I noticed a small group of long-winged aerobic songbirds playing overhead. Their high-pitched chatter reminded me of Chimney swifts. As I passed the boxes, one flew down and perched on a box by the path. We observed each other briefly while I praised his beauty: pure white belly and brilliant blue-green topside (bathed, as we were, in a full sunlight that truly made the most of his iridescence). He soon glided over to a nest box deep in the field and far from the path, and I went on my way.

I also witnessed a nasty fight between some floating Canadian geese; a Red-winged blackbird, come down to drink from a pond right beside me (just a sapling between us), apparently (and uncharacteristically, at least in my experience of the species) ignorant of my presence; and, my first sighting of brown-headed cowbirds, foraging by the path to the west campus … but the Tree swallow truly takes the cake. Welcome Spring!



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