Vacuum Action

I thought I had it figured out.

We bought a new water bottle and I read on the packaging the line about “always fill up to the top” and “bottles work by vacuum action.” I didn’t realise that before! So I took our old water bottle (which I like better than the new one, because it’s glass instead of plastic), and filled it to the top and followed the instructions (“press the control ball and let water trickle out until vacuum develops” — although, no water trickled out to begin with), and fitted it once more to his cage. He didn’t touch it overnight, but this morning I saw him using it and Hooray, no spilling!

But then, what do I find? An almost empty bottle and a soaked carpet runner.

Is it really defective? Am I doing something wrong? Why didn’t this happen with the last bottle?

Here we go again, drying out the carpet. This time I’m putting a blanket underneath the cage so Chancellor isn’t stuck with hardwood. And I guess I’ll try the new water bottle this time. /sigh



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