Pre-Planning Continues Even After “Pre” No Longer Applies

Because we jumped the gun in taking on Chancellor, I never actually finished all my preparations. I still need:

  • Cuisinart KS-55C kitchen scale — for weighing food and buns
  • Faux sheepskin swaths — best material for sick buns who can’t make it to the litter box
  • Electrolyte formula — I’d like a veterinary instead of paediatric brand because for paediatric I can only find huge bottles; I’d like a powdered formula or else small bottles so that I don’t pour half of it down the drain on account of the short lifespan once opened
  • Plastic jugs for easy spot-bathing
  • First aid instructions — I have most of the info I want in my notes but not in an easy-to-find-when-I-need-them format, so I’m working on writing them on index cards, one per ailment, all affixed with a binder ring
  • Water bottle (see last post)
  • Bunny-proofing — mostly this is taken care of, but there are a few improvements I want to make, like an ornamental fire grate for in front of the bookshelf, and something to keep Chance from biting a certain table, etc. — more to come on this topic, I’m sure
  • Critical Care — we have some but it expires soon


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