Grooming News

Today we finished clipping Chancellor’s front nails. The first round took place a few days ago and went pretty well; the noise seemed to disturb him, but he didn’t mind me handling his paws or putting pressure on his nails (like my last rabbit did). This time we clipped the dew claws and I re-clipped a few of the front nails (they were really long originally, and I didn’t take enough off at first). Chance didn’t take it so well this time around. He really doesn’t like being handled. We had to hold him down as he struggled, and at one point he escaped and I had to bring him back over — it wasn’t pretty, poor guy. He got half a raspberry afterwards and doesn’t seem to hold any grudges against us, but still, it wasn’t fun.

Next stop: back paws. I’m not looking forward to it. I think we might have to bunny-roll him or something. The simple hand-over-the-eyes trick just didn’t cut it this time.

On related news, his moult is a light one. I plucked some fur from his jawline this morning, but there wasn’t much there to take. He’s shedding a little all over but not much, really. The Furminator didn’t do a thing when I tried it last week, and Chance didn’t appreciate it at all. I’ll try it again when he’s in a heavier moult but for now I think I’ll just stick to focused petting, plucking, and keeping his condo clean.


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