Water, Water, Everywhere

Yesterday morning we awoke to find the water bottle empty.

Woah, what!? I know rabbits drink a lot of water (between 50 and 150mL of water daily per 2lbs of body weight), but still. Chance is about 3lbs (my guess), and I serve his greens sopping wet and he has a water bowl that he uses, too, and it’s not hot in his room, so I’d expect him to drink about 75 from his water bottle per day — definitely no more than 200mL. And his water bottle has a 340mL capacity. Goodness! Diabetes? Kidney disease? I feel around on the carpet runner flooring and there isn’t any wetness. I look in his litter box and sure, he’s used it, but not enough to warrant all that water consumption. What is up!?

Later that day, we come home from Happy Hour and the bottle is empty again. He’d pushed his blanket under the bottle earlier that day, so I pick it up — it’s utterly drenched. So, this time I feel under the carpet instead of on top and, yes indeed, it’s drenched too. I guess it’s designed to wick wetness away from the surface or something (it’s that indoor/outdoor stuff).

I’m happy Chance isn’t sick but not so happy about the water bottle. Darn ancient technologies, when will we get it right? (The ball bearing, I mean.) This was a Super Pets glass bottle but, in all fairness, it’s the second one we’ve had and we had no problems with the first.

So, Chance had to live on hardwood for the night while the carpet dried out. I think he stayed up on the top floor all night, poor guy — there was some poop up there, for the first time ever, and in the morning he still had some food left over from dinner. (Disclaimer: Chancellor can walk on hardwood and does so every day, so it’s not like I did this in spite of some phobia. But, you know, it’s not that comfy for a bun.)

So, he’s back to just using the bowl for now until I get a new bottle (or, ideally, a replacement bottom). Bah! I like giving both options.



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