Settling In A.K.A. Danger! Danger! Or not…

Our first days with Chance have been fun but stressful:

His schedule is out of whack, so he’s sleepy when I think he should be waking up — I sit there thinking is he just sleepy OR DOES HE HAVE GAS!?!?!?!

He drinks and pees less than my last rabbit (but then, he’s also smaller than my last rabbit), and on his first day he didn’t use the litter at all (making me wonder, Does he know it’s a litter? So I threw in some handfuls from his old box. Don’t know if that helped or not, but anyway he used it overnight), so is he just settling in and/or being his normal self OR DOES HE HAVE A BLADDER STONE BLOCKING HIS URETHRA!?!?!?!

I’ve found a few clusters of cecotropes, so is he just a little upset from the move and/or does he need a slight diet adjustment, OR IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF STASIS!?!?!?!

His nails are rather long (grown into points! I’ve never even seen that before) and he’s starting to moult, so he needs grooming, but that’s not what he wants from me right now (he likes being petted but hates being handled) — should I give him his space OR WILL THAT MAKE HIM SICK!?!?!?!

When I tried to weigh him, he spazzed and jumped out of the bin eye-first into a metal stool leg (eye-first? How could he not see that coming?) — DID HE INJURE HIS EYE!?!?!?!

And other lines of catastrophic thinking…

So I look for other signs of problems and thankfully find none. Really he’s just sleepy because a moment later he gives a good stretch and then plays with me for the rest of the night. He may not pee much but he does pee and there’s no straining, signs of pain, or dribbling. He did leave those cecotropes but at least they’re well-formed, and his poops are well-formed too (and we are going to transition his diet over the next month). A few more days of long nails won’t kill him. And maybe he did hurt his eye, but he isn’t showing it yet; when and if he does, we’ll go to the vet’s, plain and simple.




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