The Foster & the Condo (Condo Saga Part IV)

Chance arrived on Sunday. He came in a small cage (not too small or anything, it even had a perch above his litter box — but, you know, smaller than our condo). I thought we’d transition him to the condo gradually, but as we set down his cage he was already checking it out, and he went there directly upon his door being opened.

(We had to scout out a piece of spare plywood to let him out, because the cage door opened downwards ramp-style and we didn’t want to pick the guy up and risk upsetting him, or let him scramble over wire flooring and risk injury. Hooray for spare plywood! It’s now seconding as a temporary proof for our bookshelf — in the long-term, we want the more decorative option of a fireplace grate.)

Chance spent some time hopping from one domicile to the next, but his sprint-binks let us know that he loved the condo. He spent so much free time there that we threw caution to the wind and closed him in on his very first night. And we haven’t looked back since (and neither has Chance)!

Hooray for validation! Hard work pays off =:) Chance learned to navigate the two floors pretty quickly (the step-shelf he took to immediately; the top floor posed some cognitive difficulty at first but not for long). So far, he hasn’t effed with my design, like by nibbling at the rubber on the spring clamps, or pulling up the linoleum tiles, or eating the carpeting, or eating the dowels, or shaking the bars so vehemently as to compromise structural integrity or pry open the doors. Good bun! And good me! for providing suitable distractions (like toys, a scratch box, fresh hay, and grass mats). And good Rabbit Rescue! or perhaps his old foster home! for giving him a nice soft blanket that he likes to scrunch and seems to find comforting.



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