Eager Sparrow

scrapbook image includes two close-up photos of male house sparrow from behind, one in which he has turned to look at the camera; and the words 'Thomas? 03-03-12'

I’ve been following this local bird, I call him Thomas. He is a low-class sparrow (check out his “bib” — more of a goatee, really), but what he lacks in status, he makes up for in enthusiasm — his recognisable feature being loud, sharp, persistent chirping, discernible from down the street (when he’s out front, and I’m coming home), or the other end of the apartment (when he’s out back, and I’m reading in the living room). Out front, he perches just above our window or, as in the photographs above, on our neighbour’s ground floor external window sill. But his real spot is out back where he’s staked out an area on the garage that he figures for the perfect nest: just against the external wall (garden-side), and hidden behind the overhang below the roof. I’ve watched him chirping there for weeks (he perches on a telephone wire that runs just outside his spot — his stoop, you could say), and then one day this past week, I came home and I — is it? Yes, a female first-year (lower bill still yellow, mid-moult and down everywhere). I haven’t seen her since, and Thomas hasn’t quit his calling, so who knows?

Today, after many exchanges through glass, we met face-to-face out front. I said “hello” and gave him a few quick glances, but I was eager to let him be and make a good impression. He’d been chirping loudly as we walked down the street, then stopped as we approached, but before we got inside he started up with some sub-notes — I believe they were for us, a hesitant but friendly gesture.

Good ‘ol Thomas. (I say “?” in the picture because, you know, am I sure it’s Thomas? Sure looks like him; sure sounded like him; but was it him? Yes. Or was it?)

Image Credits

Background: “Paper 3” from Paper Works kit copyright CuddleBeez Scraps (Brenda Pfingstler) with all rights reserved



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