Local Squirrels

I don’t understand the squirrels this winter. I’ve seen them nibbling on the apple tree, but nothing’s there. Now the tree is budding (yes, two or three months early — it’s been that mild), so they’re eating the buds I guess, but I never saw them doing that before. (Will there be no apples this summer?) In this video they look like juveniles at play — sure, there’s mounting, but no honest humping; sure, there’s chasing, but no honest fighting. But juveniles, in February? According to my calculations (6 weeks in the belly, 6 weeks in the nest), that means their parents would’ve been mating in October — highly unusual. Did they know, maybe, that a mild winter was coming, and decided to throw another litter into the mix? Animals, man, who can figure ‘em? (You, maybe?)

Note (5 Oct. 2012): No, there were no apples this summer! Or, hardly any.



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