I dreamt of tiny rabbits, two small brown dwarves. At first they were nervous of me, and hid under an outcropping; but when I laid on the ground and put my arms out they ran to me, and I held their small bodies and rubbed my face in their soft fur…

We continue in our preparations and excitement, but there’s one slight thing, mildly distressing. We’ve realized — by analyzing our language, and our emotional responses to our plans and reveries — that we’re sometimes falling into the trap of thinking that we’re getting our beloved Frank back. But I’m not too worried. There might be a slight shock, deep down, when we see the new bunny faces, but I don’t think it will be cataclysmic. I think, rather, it will be the completion of our grieving — the final step that will allow us to move forward.

Frank will be with us forever, in one sense; but in another sense, he’ll never be with us ever again. I think it is difficult to come to terms with that fact while we’re without rabbits. Our ids are still holding out hope that he’s just on vacation…



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