Birding on the Lake

You know where’s a nice place? Colonel Samuel Smith Park, right on Lake Ontario. It’s a pretty big park with all kinds of plants and hidden places; there’s a marina there, too. I fed a pair of swans and a paddling of mallards (mostly female) my homemade mix of groats, split peas, sunflower seeds, and walnut — at first they eschewed it, being more familiar (I’m sure) with doughnut, but once they got used to it they really went to town. I think they enjoyed rooting through the weeds and mud for the little morsels. A few fights broke out, but mostly it was a good time had by all. (The ducks seemed prone to squabble; but the swans! More calm overall, but they sure would get nasty to your duck who’s floated a tad close.) I spotted some manner of emberizid, again (Chipping sparrow? Grasshopper sparrow? American tree sparrow? Female Lapland Longspurs?), and I’ve been seeing new birds, too:

  • Belted kingfishers fishing
  • Cormorants standing around on the pilings
  • Ruby-crowned kinglets (I believe) flitting about amongst the shrubs


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